This striking new sustainable, Para 5 residential building in the shape of a leaf has been completed in the Cotswold AONB. It sits at the headland between two ridge and furrow fields in a spectacular hillside location. 

The leaf roof organises open plan living spaces and rests above a discreet bedroom wing and meandering Cotswold stone clad retaining wall. By sitting between each field the house enjoys magnificent views of both and significantly enhances this unique landscape setting.

The design encompasses a flat roof and forms the distinctive shape of a leaf when viewed from above. Despite appearances, the main attraction is the combination of solar panels and roofing membrane used. These reflect a plant’s ingrained photosynthesis process of converting and storing solar energy. The photovoltaic solar panels will absorb the solar energy to use as electricity, while the roofing membrane will convert heat into thermal energy below.

As a result, the roof will act as a year-round source of electricity and heat, through storing the excess in Caplin Solar’s patented Earth Energy Bank for the heavier energy demands of winter.

Richard Hawkes of Hawkes Architecture is the designer behind the contemporary project.

Technology details
Earth Energy Bank for inter-seasonal heat storage
MVHR heat recovery ventilation system
Heat exchanger linking heat store with MVHR system
220v voltage optimisation
5kW PV system
Li-Ion battery storage
1,000L phase change thermal store